The Club At The Top Of The World

Our resort representative Theodora Tresidder went to the pre opening of La Folie Douce in Alpe d’Huez earlier this month and enjoyed a few glasses of wine. She enjoyed it that much she decided to write a blog about her experience and share it with you. 

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Unless you have been living under a rock the name Folie Douce will be a familiar one. For all those who visit, work or live the alps the Folie Douce is a household name. The Folie is a spectacular phenomenon that brings the mountains, altitude and electrohouse clubbing together. There are four Folie Douce’s open in the French Alps at the moment, with the newest one being in Alpe d’Huez. The Alpe d’Huez Folie Douce opened on the 14th December 2013. It is located at the top of the Marmottes 1 chairlift at 2,300 metres; it is literally the club at the top of the world. I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit the Folie before it’s grand opening and sample some of the food that they offer. The Folie complex includes the famous club area, complete with tables sturdy enough for the craziest of dancing, La Frutiere restaurant which offers an a la carte menu and the Nuvo Self cafeteria style self service restaurant. As a foodie I was absolutely salivating at the idea of a Folie Douce burger and I wasn’t disappointed. The Folie offer reasonable priced food for a top of the mountain restaurant, which adds to its popularity. It has a wide selection of choices, from burgers with fries to traditional tartiflette. Every choice you make will be the right one.

The Fruitiere restaurant is in a prime location with sun all day and an easy route up. Decorated in a traditional way, the Fruitiere has an atmosphere to rival any traditional mountain restaurant with the extra bits that make it such a great place to eat and enjoy the mountains. The Marmottes chairlift ends directly next to the Folie which means that if you aren’t a confident skier or you want to have a few extra beers and a dance on the table you can still make it down the mountain in one piece.Having sampled the food, the only thing left to do was to visit the famous Folie Douce on a busy, sunny afternoon.With an invite from Viv the team of resort representatives jumped on the Marmottes 1 chair lift and joined in on the legendary party that is the Folie Douce. As busy as it possibly could be, groups of students flocked to the Folie to drink beer, sun themselves and dance on the sturdy purpose built tables. From the VIP area, surrounded by a sea of neon clad students was a selection of champagnes, cakes and vin chaud. This experience is definitely one to remember and one that I would gladly experience again.

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