Why Christmas Skiing is the best!

We are in the summer, enjoying the (long awaited) sunshine, planning visits to the beach and BBQ’s with your friends. The last thing you should be thinking about is a ski holiday right?! WRONG!

There are so many things we have happening this season, plus we are over HALFWAY to Christmas!! So we put together some of the best things to look forward to for this December on the slopes!

Experience a REAL Christmas

Sure Christmas at home is nice (I mean who doesn’t love washing up after cooking a big Christmas dinner?!) but wouldn’t you much prefer to not only have your Christmas dinner cooked for you, but experience the magic of Christmas with a traditional Christmas market?

Christmas Market


For example, Lech (which was recently voted the prettiest village in Europe) there is a beautiful market with Gingerbread, Glühwein all served from traditional wooden huts selling beautiful Christmas fares. With live music from Choirs and a brass-band (and surrounded by snow) this beats Christmas on the couch ANYDAY!

This isn’t just exclusive to Lech, pretty much every resort has their own traditional Christmas Market and Festivals, such as Ischgl’s Christmas In The Mountains event and Val d’Isere’s traditional Christmas where you can experience the markets, be serenaded by the choirs and also visit the 17th Century Church for a bit of extra tradition.

Christmas Fireworks

Christmas Eve Fireworks
Fireworks are spectacular but there is something really special about the Festive kind! Bundle up warm, grab a glass of Vin Chaud and head to the slopes to watch the spectacular displays. And while we are on the topic of Vin Chaud…

Vin Chaud

Vin chaud with a view 


Whether it is Vin Chaud or a Glühwein, you can warm up in a festive way with these traditional (and delicious!) drinks. Not a big fan? A Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings is a sure-fired way to get you feeling festive while keeping you nice and toasty.







So why not come and join us on the slopes this Christmas? Enjoy a traditional white Christmas, ski all day and enjoy the festivities in the evening! With a fantastic spread of food to keep you fuelled for the slopes, you will have the best Christmas yet!


Christmas has come to tignes


If you can’t make it for Christmas, don’t forget our New Years Ski deals which include 2 free ski days! This year, you can get 9 nights, for the price of 7 and in addition to this, you will receive an 8 day ski pass, for the price of 6! All that skiing, without hurting the bank balance can only be a good thing right?!