Big changes for the Arlberg!

Ski Total | New Lift for the Arlberg
UPDATE 1: 22nd November, 2016

With the Winter16/17 season fast approaching, we are really looking forward to the new lift developments for the Arlberg!

But why wait until you are in resort to see this lovely new lift system that gives you access to the largest contiguous skiing area in Austria?(Which we should add includes St. Anton, St. Christoph, Stuben, Zurs, Lech, Oberlech, Schrocken and Warth!) We decided to bring the new lift build to YOU, so you can keep up to date with it’s progress (and take a look at all that snow too!)

Ski Total | New Ski Lift in the Arlberg

The state of the art lift-system means you no longer need to rely on a bus service to get you between the two halves of the Arlberg.

Ski Total | New Ski Lift in the Arlberg

Using your Arlberg Area lift pass, you can enjoy 305km of downhill skiing with 87 lifts and cableways!

Ski Total | Valley Station Trittkopf

Roughly costing EUR 45million, this new lift system closes the loop between Zurs and Stuben/Rauz. Starting in Zurs, you can take the Trittkopfbahn I to the new intermediate station (pictured above) and chose to continue onto the top station of Trittkopfbahn II or use the new Flexenbahn to carry on to Alpe Rauz, Stuben (pictured below).

Ski Total | Valley Station Alpe Rauz

The new Flexenbahn, starting at the Valley Station Alpe Rauz, (pictured above and below) will have the travel time of 6 minutes and can transport up to 2,400 persons per hour. Get the camera ready as you will experience breathtaking views over the Klostertal valley and towards the Arlberg pass/St.Christoph!


If you start out in Alpe Rauz, Stuben, you can easily explore the St. Christoph and St. Anton ski areas before choosing to continue up the new Albonabahn II to Stuben, or head back to Zurs!

As you can see, they are making great progress and we will endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest from resort before the lifts open!


ORIGINAL POST:February 18th, 2016

Who wants to ski the largest contiguous skiing area in Austria?

We are excited to say that FOUR new cableways will also be built in addition to the new cableway link between Zurs and Stuben/Rauz! These four state of the art cableways will be launched for the beginning of Winter 2016/17!


So for our guests what does this mean? Although you have always been able to enjoy a united ‘Arlberg Area’ lift pass. You no longer need to rely on a bus between the two halves. Currently, if you are skiing in St. Anton, you would need to get a bus to go to the Lech side. In Winter 16/17 this will no longer be necessary! You can just jump into the cable-car and be on your way to enjoying 305km of downhill skiing with 87 lifts and cableways!


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