Beginner’s Guide to Skiing

Want to learn to ski but don’t know where to start?  Have a look at this handy infographic from HomeAway to get a head start on everything you need to know before you head to the ski slopes for the first time.

When should you go? Ideally January or February, but the higher elevations can offer quality skiing until May (if you can handle the altitude).

Once you know when you are going, where are you heading?  There are many great ski resorts out there.  Take a look at the graphic for some picks.

Check out the infographic for a clothing guide based on the weather conditions.  You don’t want to be caught freezing or overheating on the slopes!

For your first ski sessions, plan to practice on a “bunny hill” with an instructor and head to the green runs especially for beginners.   Avoid the blues and blacks for now.

Now that you’ve read over this beginner’s guide, hopefully you can be more confident on your first ski trip!

Beginners Guide to Skiing Infographic

Beginners Guide to Skiing

About the Author

Joseph Miller is a writer for HomeAway’s Travel and Vacation Ideas site and a terrible skiier.