Adventures in Courchevel


We have had been testing out some of the alternatives to traditional Apres Ski in Courchevel. We would like to formally introduce our partners, Courchevel Adventure!

Courchevel Adventure creates its own activities and events for individuals, families, private events and even weddings, bachelor(ette) parties ect. Whatever your snowy adventure seeking dreams are, Courchevel Adventure have it covered! From ice climbing, dog sledging, sledging and snowmobiling, to a yurt dinner, piste basher driving or a personalised event, they have something especially for you.


For our time with them we got to try out their sledging experience and snowmobiling! First up was sledging where we all reverted into children again when they presented us with all the sledges they had. From the sledges we all know, to the old fashioned wooden blade sledges, and china’s interpretation of that, finishing off with the ‘snake’ and an airbag which sends you rocketing down the purpose built slope. The best part was that the lovely instructors drag you back up the hill in a snowmobile making the trek back us as fun as the flailing down. It’s fair to say that all of us had our competitive side come out as we fought for sliding champions!


Next we turned into Courchevel’s finest snow-rally drivers as we cruised about the tracks on our snowmobiles, getting to see Courchevel’s stunning views from another perspective (and pretending to be a Bond villain). At the end of our adventure we were in need of a nice glass of vin chaud!


We couldn’t thank Courchevel Adventure enough for the fun we had had and providing a truly memorable time! We would do it all again in a heartbeat!