A Weeks Skiing in Lech

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words, here is a weeks skiing from behind the camera, on an extraordinary week filled with fresh powder snow and beautiful blue sky…

Heavy snow, view from Chalet Hotel Sonneck Lech It keeps snowing in Lech
On arrival to Lech we were welcomed by all skiers dreams, fresh powder falling by the bucket load. However there is only so much snow you wish for and hope that by the next morning it has stopped and the sun has come out to offer up some great skiing conditions…
Lech - powder, powder everywhere! Spot the chalet - Lech
The new game this week once we managed to get on the slopes, ‘Spot the Chalet’. Yes that is a chalet in the picture, not the Chalet Hotel Sonneck, although a well and truly buried chalet none the less.
Side view from Chalet Hotel Sonneck Balcony in heavy snow Side view from Chalet Hotel Sonneck Balcony, blue sky
It’s amazing the difference the weather makes, one day the view is a blanket of white cloud and snow, the next beautiful blue sky over white mountains.
Perfect skiing - Lech Out and about on the slopes around Lech
Once again the weather cleared and we managed to get out on the slopes around lech, the fresh snow constantly topping up the already perfect skiing conditions around the resort and as the sky cleared the slopes once again revealed themselves to the glory or all skiers and boarders alike.
More fresh snow across Lech There really was that much snow - Iglu on slopes in Lech
As the snow returned there was nothing for it for some people as they turned to alternate activities from skiing and snow boarding to Igloo building…
View of Lech from Chalet Hotel Sonneck View of Lech under a blue sky
The blue sky returns to Lech and the true beauty of the resort and mountains can be seen.
Blue sky skiing in Lech Freshly bashed piste Lech
The perfect way to end a great weeks skiing the sun came out and provided the perfect conditions to ski our last day with clear visibility from all areas of the mountain.