A piste of perfection – part 6

What are the ingredients for your perfect day on the slopes?

We have asked some of our UK office staff what their favourite day on the slopes is and a few have shared with us. Let us know what your perfect day is like and we’ll add it to the website. Part 5 was from Dusty in the reservations team and today we have Pixie from the reservations team.

Pixie, Reservations team

I am going to describe the last day of my latest holiday to Verbier in April 2013. It really was a perfect day!

I was with my brother, who had not been snowboarding in 17 years until going to Verbier this year, so we wanted to go to some nice, easy-going, wide runs. After getting several lifts and cable cars, we managed to reach the Siviez and Tortin area which had a really long blue run that my brother could practice on and that I could really perfect my carving on my board.

Verbier 18.01.2013 (3)The snow was really fluffy, perfect for carving in, and not too packed to clip an edge and face plant the snow (although my brother did do that attempting a little jump at the edge of the piste. He then tried it again and succeeded!)  I can’t remember how many times we went down that run but eventually we stopped at a cafe, halfway down the run which was actually a large tipi. It overlooked the run and the forests around the pistes so it was a picturesque place to sit and eat lunch. It seemed to be where the snowboarding gangs hung out for lunch so we managed to fit right in! We had a really relaxed day and both felt like we had improved our techniques and really felt satisfied with our progress by our last day.

When we got back to Verbier in the afternoon, there was a time-trial race for skiers and boarders of mixed ability, from Mont Fort, down to the resort. We managed to bag good seats in a bar closest to the Médran lifts and watch paragliders take off just below us and fly around next to the mountain. We thought we had better get down the blue run back to the resort before any race competitors started to appear, and only about 100m down the run, we were stopped by a race official who told us to stop and wait for the race to go past. We stopped where a red run met a blue run and sat on our boards waiting for the race to go past, occasionally shouting at skiers and boarders who had totally ignored the official’s warnings of having to stop.  When it was safe to proceed, we had a race official telling us they were closing the run so we had to take a detour onto a black run and then a red run to get down to the resort quicker. When we eventually got back onto the blue run we intended to take, it cut through the trees and really was a dream to board down.

We didn’t do much after the days out on the mountain, but my ideal end to a perfect day would be having a drink in a novelty bar, somewhere which just looks absolutely mad and has some sort of happy hour on, then going for a pizza and eating the entire thing. We did actually do this in Verbier, at a restaurant called ‘Al Capone’s’…those pizzas weren’t around for long!