A piste of perfection – part 2

What are the ingredients for your perfect day on the slopes?

We have asked some of our UK office staff what their favourite day on the slopes is and a few have shared with us. Let us know what your perfect day is like and we’ll add it to the website. Part 1 was from Lawrence in the reservations team and today we have Jen from the reservations team.

Jen, Reservations team

BEhhN9ZCAAEClSbFor me, the perfect ski holiday incorporates a mixture of sun, snow and socialising. I have only been on 3 ski holidays as most of my snow experience was gained through working 3 winter seasons in the French Alps. When you do a season, you can be choosey about the days you actually ski or snowboard. For example, I would never go up the mountain in a white out or a cloudy day as I could just wait for a sunny one! I am a fair weather skier and can only be tempted to go out when the snow is fresh and the sun is shining! I am a part time skier really and tend to spend most of my day going from morning beer, to lunch, to après then dinner. I just enjoy being in the mountains, soaking up the sun and the ambience and people watching! You can’t beat the people watching in a ski resort.  There will always be a place for the neon onesie in my heart!