A pick of my favourite runs in St. Anton

St. Anton is well famed for its challenging skiing but still has much to offer for beginners and intermediates too. This means that when writing about my favourite runs in the St. Anton area I have a lot to choose from. I am going to run through what, in my opinion, I believe to be the best and my favourite slopes for advanced, intermediate and beginner skiers.


I think for the slightly more advanced skier one of the best runs has to be Black 2. Black 2 leads onto the home run down to the Galzig lift station and is notoriously steep. The run starts off on somewhat of a flat, meaning a broad horizon can be seen along the piste due to the sudden drop that follows. This can be unnerving the first time you do this run but only adds to the thrill of the experience. The run is often covered in a perfect layer of fresh snow on top of a bashed piste. Whilst skiing down you have the option of either taking a slightly more relaxed approach down by traversing across the steep incline with less turns or carving down and picking up some serious speed! As I mentioned previously black 2 leads onto the St Anton home run, this means that at 4 o’clock when the lifts close it can often get quite busy only increasing the challenge of this already challenging run. My suggestion would be to hit this run early when the snow is nice and you can really make the most of it.

Above the clouds

When thinking about my favourite run that would be better for an intermediate skier there was only one run that came to mind, the Rendl home run Red 1. Rendl is on the opposite side of the valley to the main mountain in St. Anton and is generally a little less busy, but the skiing there is equally fantastic to everywhere else! The Rendl home run is fantastic for an intermediate, and even beginner skier, due to the fact it is long, wide and has an incredibly varied amount of skiing. There are steeper parts to this run, which are a suitable length and width to improve your skiing, which lead on to long paths in between some trees where one can really take in the incredible views the Arlberg region has to offer. If you can be the first one down this slope in the morning then you will not regret it!

Rendl beach in st Anton!

What about our lovely beginners? What would be best for them? Well, I would definitely say Blue 17, the run that leads to the piste to get to Stuben. This run is fantastic for somebody learning to ski or just wants to get their confidence back due to its broad width and gentle incline. The length of the run also means that it gives you the chance to put plenty of turns in and really get into your rhythm to get the best possible practice.

So there it is, my favourite runs for all level of skiers! Don’t hesitate when thinking about coming to St Anton because whatever level of skier you might be, there is always amazing skiing to be had!