A non-skiers guide to Lech

The Best View In Lech

After being injured and rendered unable to ski for a period of time it was really thrown into perspective just how much there is to do in the mountains during the winter season as a non-skier. So even if you don’t ski or board and have no intention to do so, never fear as Lech really does still have so much to offer you.

If you fancy taking in some of that invigorating mountain air then there is over 25km of walking opportunities that can take you through the snowy woodland and give you fantastic panoramic photo opportunities barely seen during the winter as they are away from the pistes and the crowds. These vary in difficulty from the peaceful meandering trails through the woods that weave over the river to Zug, one of the most romantic and peaceful villages in Austria all the way to the hikes that can take you to the mountain tops where you can almost touch the sky and truly feel on top of the world.

Winter walking in Lech

To get a taste of the thrill of racing down a mountain surrounded by your family and friends why not give tobogganing a go? For just €5 you can experience the rush that brings people to the mountains year after year, either in the day light or even at night as they light up the run for you to enjoy until as late at 10pm!

Of course, it’s not all about climbing up or hurtling down the spectacular mountains you can also relax while in the mountains with the sleigh rides that you can either use a taxi service to run you through town and back to your hotels or you can hire privately to take you virtually anywhere you want to go. Don’t worry, you’re provided with a blanket to keep you nice and warm in the sub-zero temperatures of a Mountain winter!

Whilst not exclusive to the Arlberg you can also go bowling in Lech with the bowling alley in the sport park or even play badminton or squash. You can also give Curling a try at the Ice rink in the Hotel Monzabon.

Even if you fancy heading out of the mountains for a day, only a short bus ride away is St. Anton and with the train station you can then head to Innsbruck, Lake Constance, virtually anywhere you would like to go. Being the capitol of the Tyrol region, Innnsbruck is steeped in history and culture and a remarkably charming and beautiful city and is definitely worth a visit. If you’re planning to head out during December time then Innsbruck is home to one of the best Christmas Markets as well, where you will find local food and material goods, such as the traditional wood carving stalls and shops commonly found in mountain towns and villages, Glühwein stalls with the re-usable souvenir mugs or maybe even sample a strudel or two.

Market stall

Speaking of food, when I think of Austrian food I think of Strudels and Schnitzels but rarely think of everything that comes in between. The fondues for example, either cheese or meat, are absolutely fantastic and always an experience worth having, with the different flavours combining and exploding in your mouth for a veritable taste sensation. The soups are always a popular lunch time choice, my personal favourite-Goulash- is always seen around the mountain huts and town restaurants. All served in traditional Austrian style and world class service with the recipes often being handed down from generation to generations.

In short, even if you don’t ski/board and have no intention to do so, there is absolutely no reason as to why you can’t have a truly fantastic time in the mountains during the Winter Season.

An evening of perfection in lech