A day out for our Avoriaz Resort Manager, James.

From our Avoriaz Resort Manager, James:

 I had my day off yesterday and we decided to do something a little different….

A group of friends and I decided to tour all of the main parks in the Porte Du Soleil area. As this is normally the busiest week of the season, we thought this would be a great way to beat the crowds and also have a bit of fun (and also inadvertently do the Porte Du Soleil circuit at the same time).

Firstly, the snow conditions are consistent with the mini heat wave we have experienced over the last 2 weeks.  Very firm in the morning, becoming slushy throughout the day.  I have to say, despite it being very warm, the snow is holding very well and has been a lot of fun for Staff and Guests alike.  Next week we are expected snow every day to top up the pistes again!!

We decided we would start in Les Gets at Mont Chery, work our way around to Pointe De Nyon, through Morzine and up to the Chapelle Park in Avoriaz.  Then across to the park in Chatel and on through Switzerland to Crozat, which brought us back on to the border of France, where we would stop at the Arare park located on the opposite side of Avoriaz.

The park on Mont Chery was perfect for beginners who are just starting out, but also great for intermediates who are looking to tighten up their tricks.  There are a nice series of blue and red jumps, which aren’t over awing.  My favourite piece of equipment was the C-Rail.

Next we went on to the Pointe De Nyon, this is very much a beginner park, it has a couple of jumps and also a few box rails.  Located in a handy area, it also has a drag lift to get you back to the top quickly.  

Back in to Avoriaz we went to the Chapelle Park.  This is the best all round park in the area, catering from everyones needs.  To the left of the park is the beginner jump area, there are 6 greens in 2 rows.  One row being ever slightly more difficult.  Next we have the rails and boxes.  These cover all ability areas, from big wide boxes to challenging rails for more advanced riders.  Then onto the advanced jumps.  There are 2 sets of 3, one line blue and one red. These jumps are starting to get pretty big and are more for intermediate and advanced riders.  After the jumps there are another couple of rails.  The Chapelle also has a handy drag lift bringing you back to the top.

The Chapelle park is the only park I have never visited before in my 3 seasons in the Porte Du Soleil. I was pleasantly surprised.  The Chatel area is already a guilty pleasure of mine.  It is a very progressive park and is designed to want to push you.  It is a little but more rail orientated but a great park to visit.

The last 2 parks we visited were the Crozats in Switzerland and the Arare in Avoriaz.  These are the big boy parks for advanced riders.  It is not often I am scared anymore but I was scared of the 2 new jumps in the Crozat.  They must cover at least 50/60 feet and have a slight upward gradient.  The rest of the park is pretty advanced, however is progressive for the advanced rider looking to improve.

Lastly, we went to the Arare, my favourite park in the area.  There is a mixture of blue, red and black jumps.  The blues are for intermediate riders, whilst the red and black are very much for the advanced.   There is also a nice rails section, 2 table tops, a can, 2 pipe rails and a new quarter pipe.   The new black jump, which I hit for the first time yesterday, is now my favourite feature.