2010/2011 Ski Season approaching

It may still be the school summer holidays yet the British weather has changed from the long spell of dry weather to heavy rain in some areas that reached 4cm or half the months average rain fall in one night.

The change in weather pre-empts thoughts of the first snow fall in the Alps, still several months away. those passionate about ski start to think of the slopes and looking forward to the winter while those on Summer holidays are oblivious to the winter season approaching.

With new resorts added to the Ski Total winter 2010 / 2011 season there are even more reasons to take a look at the programme and choose where you want to ski or snowboard this winter.

What I’d like to ask this week is do you have the same dilema as we have in our household, where one member of the family loves the hot weather and hates the snow and another member loves the snow and hates it being too hot???

Let me know if this is the case and how do you choose a Summer Holiday or a Ski Holiday for the family?  or do you manage to get away twice in a year to please all members.

I have met families in the past that split up and mother and daughter head for the beach while father and son head to the slopes.  this seems like a good compromise, although isn’t really a family holiday.