10 Reasons NOT to go skiing in the Alps

We’ve all heard how beautiful, stunning and majestic the Alps are come winter time, but we’re not convinced. Here are our 10 reasons NOT to go skiing Alps for your next winter adventure.


1. The views are dull, it’s all one colour.


Just look at it, there’s nothing remotely breath-taking about this photo by Chris, Resort Representative in Courchevel.


2. There’s snow… everywhere!


From the top of the mountain to the chalet, this stuff just gets everywhere.


3. The skiing is ropey at best.

Because this just makes the idea of skiing in the Alps this winter painful.


4. The food just isn’t up to scratch.

Savoyard Food

Simply no. Where’s the class, elegance and tastiness?


5. There’s absolutely ZERO après ski.

La Folie Douce

Yawn, next?


6. Nope, not a single drop of charm to the Alps.


Not even a little bit.


7. The instructors are not all that great, let’s be honest.


We’re not impressed by these Austrian ski instructors and their synchronised skiing, are you?


8. You can’t do anything fun… at all.


You may as well bring a book, you won’t get up to anything exciting during your holiday.


9. The ski areas are tiny.

Plan des Pistes

300km of pistes, 22 green runs, 61 blues, 46 reds and 25 blacks. They even have 44km of cross-country skiing just to try and big themselves up. Not to mention the 2 terrain parks, 2 glaciers and 90 ski lifts. There’s not a lot going on, really…


10. It can be quite lonely on the pistes sometimes. Tom didn’t find many friends in Lech on his holiday!


Grumble, grumble.

We’ve got to be honest, skiing in the Alps for Winter 2015/16 just isn’t worth it.

Actually, we’re lying and trying to find reasons why they just aren’t that good. The truth is that the Alps are glorious and we miss them with every passing day! Not long to go until the 2015/16 Winter season and we are certainly looking forward to the skiing weather. Some resorts have already had a bit of snow (looking at you, Italy!) and we’re eager to get the skis out.

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Words by Jonny, Social Media Executive
He has worked as a Resort Representative and misses
snowboarding through fresh powder on a bluebird day.